Medicial Technician Schools

Medicial Technician Schools

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Careers in the medical field are growing by leaps and bounds and people who have training in this field should have little or trouble finding full time employment. If you are a compassionate and nurturing person who enjoys the idea of helping and caring for people, but don't want to spend a great deal of time or money on schooling then becoming a CNA may be the ideal job for you. San Francisco CNAs are also called orderlies or patient care technicians.

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At UEI College, we want you to succeed. We’re like a family and we want you to be a part of it. From the moment you enter ourschool, to graduation and beyond, we are right there with you.


  • Medical Assistant (8-Month Diploma Program)
  • Medical Office Specialist
  • Dental Assistant (8-Month Diploma Program)
Locations:  Chula Vista

About Brightwood College

Brightwood College offers accelerated programs that combine flexible schedules and professional instruction to create a rewarding learning experience for individuals focused on gaining the skills for specific careers. Brightwood College is owned and operated by Education Corporation of America.

About Education Corporation of America

Education Corporation of America's institutions broaden access to postsecondary educational opportunities.


  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Billing & Coding Specialist
Locations:  Chula Vista
Successful careers begin at the Milan Institute. We offer quality hands-on training, experienced faculty and a staff committed to helping you realize your goals.


  • Medical Assisting
Locations:  Bakersfield
Get the training you need for a career in the health care field at Unitek College. We provide career training in vocational nursing.


  • Medical Assisting
  • Vocational Nursing
Locations:  Fremont

San Joaquin Valley College is an accredited private junior college committed to the professional success of its students and graduates.
Founded in 1977, SJVC has campuses located throughout California-including an Online division and offers a variety of accelerated Certificate and Associate of Science degree programs in the business, medical and technical fields.



  • Degree - Medical Assistant
  • Certificate - Medical Assistant
  • Certificate - Dental Assistant
  • And more...
Locations:  Temecula
Choosing a school and a new career path can be a very overwhelming process. Here at NCC we understand the importance of education, and that the healthcare industry is in constant need of trained professionals. Our short term allied health programs will give you the skills and the knowledge to become a part of the exciting healthcare field. In addition to providing career training, we offer our graduates employment assistance. At NCC you are not just a student; you are part of a community that includes faculty with industry specific experience and administrators committed to education, and your success in your career objectives.


  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Licensed Vocational Nurse
Locations:  Panorama City
Turn your talents into a career. Nationally recognized and accredited Platt College offers degree programs in Graphic Design, Multimedia, IT Networking and Paralegal.


  • Medical Assisting
  • Veterinary Technology - Associates
  • Respiratory Therapy
Locations:  Ontario

You can get started on a new career with Institute of Technology. We offer diploma and associate degree programs for careers in the culinary, technical, medical, business, and legal fields.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at


  • Professional Medical Assistant
  • Medical Billing and Office Administration
Locations:  Clovis

American Career College (ACC) offers hands-on training that will prepare students for careers in the healthcare industry at three campuses in Los Angeles, Ontario, and Orange County, California. ACC's programs combine classroom lectures and hands-on training to prepare students for a Diploma or Associate of Occupational Science degree.


  • Medical Assistant
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Dental Assisting
  • And more...
Locations:  Anaheim

California Career Institute (CCI) was founded by nurses with PhD degrees from renowned
educational institutitions such as UCSF and USD.  CCI employs expert educators in State Board
Exam (NCLEX) Preparation Services and boasts a high passing rate.  CCI prides itself in providing
high-quality instruction, supportive learning environments, excellent counseling, private student
loans, and financial plans.


  • Medical Assistant Program
  • CNA Program
Locations:  Hawthorne
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Characteristics of A Good CNA

As with any profession, there are certain characteristics that a CA CNA need to possess in order to be successful. For starters, one of the major characteristics you need to possess is the ability to be compassionate and feel empathy. Since the majority of people you will be working with will be sick and perhaps elderly you will need to be able to understand that many of their actions are directly related to health issues, that may result in them being irritable and sometimes seem unreasonable. However, if you are compassionate and patient and can see past the pain induced crusty exteriors you will find many of the people you will be helping to be grateful and real sweethearts.

As a San Francisco, CA CNA you also need to be highly observant. Oftentimes patients hesitate to mention when they are in pain or feeling ill, so you to be alert to the signs that may indicate a serious problem. While your training will teach you the signs to look for, if you are not an observant individual, the training will do your little good.

You also need to be able to take direction well, as CNAs work under the supervision of senior medical staff such as nurses and doctors and are expected to cheerfully perform whatever duties are you are asked to do.

CNA Training in San Francisco, CA

In order to enter CNA training most programs require you to have a high school diploma or the equivalent. There are a variety of training programs available for people wishing to become a CNA. Junior colleges and technical schools offer programs, and depending on the school tuition can either be affordable or quite expensive. Hospitals and care facilities often offer to give you free San Francisco CNA training providing you are willing to work for them once you are certified. In some cases the American Red Cross also will supply CNA training. There are also programs offered online, for the class room part of the CNA training.

Training is relatively short, normally about 6 to 8 weeks, although some programs are slightly longer. However, while these programs are short, they are highly concentrated so you need to be able to absorb a lot of information quickly. Some of the things California CNAs learn during training include:

  • Health care standards, and maintaining sterile conditions
  • Basic first aid and CPR training
  • Basic nutrition for people with varying health conditions and ages
  • Medical terminology
  • How to take vital signs
  • Medical charting

Along with classroom study, part of the CNA training will be done in the field, where you will work under supervision applying what you learned to real life situations. During your clinical training, you will be involved in helping patients with personal care needs, taking vital signs, and taking care of some general cleaning.

Once your training is completed you will need to take a written test in order to get certified. Most states require certification before you can work as a CNA.


Depending on where a CNA works, the duties may differ slightly, but some of the basic duties that most CNAs do include:

  • Assisting Patients with daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, and eating.
  • Assisting patients who have mobility problems get to the bathroom or bed.
  • Provides support to doctors or nurses.
  • Moving patients
  • Checking vital signs
  • Cleaning tasks
  • Taking vital signs
  • Seeing to their nutritional needs
  • Providing listening skills
  • Charting

Job Availability near San Francisco, CA

The job outlook for CNAs in San Francisco is extremely bright. More and more people are seeking quality health care, and hospitals, and other medical facilities tend to hire CNAs to help give their patients sufficient ongoing care. CNAs work in hospitals, nursing homes, long stay health care facilities and also work in private homes. Most CNAs easily find work the moment they get their certificate. Best of all, once you have your certificate CNAs are in such demand, that you can go anywhere and work as a CNA by registering with the proper state certification board. Since every state hires Certified nurses aids you can usually start work immediately after gaining your certificate.


The Salary a CNA makes is going to depend on a number of things including the amount of experience they have, and the location and type of facility they choose to work in. The more experience you have the higher the wage you will be able to command. Salary also depends on the state where you work with metropolitian areas paying higher wages that rural areas. It can range from 39k to 88k. Request a free guide from your local school for a more accurate pay range in San Francisco, California.

Medicial Technician Schools near San Francisco, CA
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My starting salary is 45k!! I was a cashier for a small supermarket that works me crazy hours! No MORE!
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Nurse Assistants are in high demand. It's an area that will continue to bloom since people always get sick regardless of how the economy is doing. That's why so many are looking to become CNA. Being certified increases the likelihood of getting hired and also increases the salary as well. Check out our directory of schools all over the US and Canada. They're sending FREE information guides to people looking to become CNA. There's no obligations, so you don't have to worry. It's just the first step to seeing what's out there.

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